Thursday, 19 January 2012

Where do you play with yours?

Gameboy DMG-01 in the Toilet

Tetris it is, this time around
You're probably wondering why I have taken a picture of the Gameboy in the toilet?  The answer to that is an easy one for me.  We all have our strange game fetishes, I particularly enjoy playing games in the toilet. Some enjoy reading, I play, simple!!  I remember on one occasion spending nearly an hour in the toilet playing through to level '9' on Tetris, and as a consequence I suffered from pins and needles in my legs and arse.  Sometimes a become so involved that I forget to take a..... 

Still a hit with me today
I am very fond of my original Gameboy and I still thoroughly enjoy playing Tetris and Super Mario Land on the DMG-01.  I've owned my old DMG-01 since 1990 and it still works fine, sometimes the speaker tends to makes a strange static noise but it doesn't bother me.  

A perfect game for the toilet
I have all the other Gameboy versions and own a fairly large collection.  But I have to play these particular aforementioned games on the good ol' spinach screen.  I become very nostalgic when I'm in full swing of Mario Land or when I reach level '9' in Tetris, ahh... the memories.  

Portable Power!!
I leave you with this classic UK Gameboy advert, it truly sums up the purpose of the Gameboy:


  1. For me, the bathroom's mostly for reading. Most of my handheld gaming is done either on the road, or in bed when my wife's taken over the TV

  2. At the beginning when you said "...the [Game Boy] in the toilet?" I think you meant ON the toilet. If you had your GB in the toilet, that would be very bad!

    Seriously though, nice post. I envy your having an original DMG-001. I can't remember which model that is, I think it's the original, but at any rate I don't have it. (Closest thing I have access to is my dad's CGB-001.)

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